Palm Trees for Autumn

Eve In The Garden

   Paris has been super wonky with its weather lately, and having just recently returned from my summer back home in Barbados, I suffered a week and a few days of an awful cold which hasn't yet fully left, but I'm great nonetheless. 

   I'm happy to be back in Paris, with the beautiful architecture, great bread and impending Fashion Week which begins on Tuesday.

I never thought I'd say this, but Paris is growing on me. I'd like very much to have a big change in scenery very soon, but let's just hope for the best for this year, right?

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Eve by the Koi Pool
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This Paris Fashion Week, I'll be more participative, and try to capture more of my outfits and personal experiences throughout the week to share with you all every day of the week! I'm also gonna be teaming up with Island Bags, and using my island bags pieces with my fashion week wardrobe.

 So stay tuned for TCA x PFW SS18! 


I had purchased this caftan after falling it love with it at H&M (yay for impulse buys!)I thought that wearing it while my hair was braided and beaded would give it the funky look I was going for and I'm happy that I did. Shooting at my favourite garden in Paris, and my personal safe haven, I felt very at home and I'm pretty sure it shows in my photos. The caftan is very transparent, and it's very unladylike for a young mademoiselle such as myself to walk around the streets of Paris in just a caftan, so I paired it with a cute blue Velvet Bralette and some Bermuda Mom Fit Shorts which I love. Throwing in my Bucket Bag was a bit of a last minute choice because I really hate leaving my apartment with such a tiny bag, but it made for a super cute decision.