Fenty X PUMA AW 17/18


Everyone knows we Bajans LOVEEE Robyn Rihanna Fenty. We love her even more since she started her own "university".

  I'd like to take this time to congratulate our island princess on such a massive success and her well put-together show and awesome street-style collection. Rihanna's collection was very much a tangible form of her personality made available to fashion lovers and street-style enthusiasts. 

  A teaser was given the night before; a detention card with the time, date and location followed by the repetitively written line “I will not be late”, which naturally was not adhered to as the show began 40 minutes after its set time, showing how "delinquent" these models really were..or should we say - the badgal - is. Everyone dreaded having to write lines in school. But of course she could still be running on island time, so lets hope they didn't have more lines to write.

Giving us a glimpse to the inspiration behind this collection, Rihanna says it was "back to school" because she was never able to dress up in school as she had to wear uniform; which is true for Caribbean schools, and having hated that she could not expressed herself through dress while there. She even went as far as to categorise the common groups found in the school setting and created clothing based on her idea of what each group would look like. She had the preppy, nerdy, athletic, mean / bad , skater and gothic groups altogether just like in school.

 FENTY University class of 2017

FENTY University class of 2017

    The theme of the AW 17/18 collection was "Fenty University", and everything was coordinated perfectly. At the show; which took place at one of the most beautiful libraries in Paris, Bibliothèque Richelieu-Louvois, Rihanna paid homage to her school life on the island by utilising patterns and colours commonly found in the Secondary School uniforms of Barbados. Of course, if not being from Barbados, I would not be able to identify this. Another clever way to represent her country in the fashion world, I must give Rih two thumbs up for this well placed allusion of the schools such as her very own Combermere School, Harrison College, Lester Vaughan, Foundation School St. Ursuline's Convent and Princess Margaret Secondary School.

   With street style and "comfort over glamour"  coming into trend, Rihanna's collection was a breath of fresh air from the more serious AW 17/18 collections across the fashion sphere. It may not suit everyone's tastes and I can see myself being very choosy with certain pieces mainly because I am not as much of a "bad gal" as the designer herself, and the other half of it being that I would freeze to death, even under all the layers. This season's outfits made me want to reconsider though.

 FENTY University class of 2017

FENTY University class of 2017

Head to toe in FENTY: Some of the pieces consisted of her thigh high heeled boots, cropped shirts, doudoons of all lengths and colours, corsets, chokers, creepers, open legged pants, plaid skirts, fishnet tops, jumpsuits, leotards and oversized tracksuits just to name a few. She catered to every type of person in one runway show, and there was an abundance of information much to take in. much like in school.

  Admittedly, I am a bit biased toward the collection as I support Rihanna wholeheartedly as a fellow native of my island. However, the collection has been a hit with Millennials, Fenty supporters (naturally) , and street-style enthusiasts as I said previously. With a current obsession with being "bad", at least in my age demographic, sales will definitely hit an all time high for PUMA as soon as this collection is hot out on the racks.

Tell me what your thoughts on the PUMA x FENTY collection was, and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter!


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