Paris Fashion Week: "Cosmic Love" Manish Arora

Paris Fashion Week!

With Paris fashion week kicking off on the 28th of February, the month of immense style and creative directors either making or breaking themselves and the fashion houses of which they head ends in the capital of fashion. This time around, I attended my very first fashion show in my pretty short life in Paris. A thing of luck, or as my grandmother would say "a blessing", my friends and I embarked on a mission of going to three fashion shows today, but only getting into one: Manish Arora. 

 Manish Arora PFW A/W 17/18

Manish Arora PFW A/W 17/18

I won't pretend as though we had gotten into the show by invite; but by being a rather opportunistic bunch with regards to getting into certain shows. Upon searching for the Chloé show at Grand Palais, we stumbled upon the Manish Arora show entrance.  Of course, because the Chloé show was right next door, we decided to go to both, Manish Arora being right after Chloe other.

The show was well put together: the music, make-up and creative concepts for the designs corresponded with the theme, and the collection was amazing.

Manish Arora's show was a great production, not just because it was my first fashion show, but because of the colour, the music and the collection. Everything perfectly coordinated with the theme, and for me at least, I was sucked right into the show. All I can say is "oh, the colour!". Manish Arora's inspiration came from the tribes of  Africa and it showed. The prints, shapes, textures and accessories. In addition to the make up, it all screamed to me what my personal conception of high fashion "African tribe" was. The use of boiled wool patchwork, weaving  and head wraps showed that he not only took inspiration from the tribes in Africa, but related their culture to the audience in a significant way showing how African culture heavy influences fashion in this region of the world. It was not that they used these elements, but the abundance of these elements and how they used them. What Manish Arora successfully did was take us on what they described as a "visual journey that spans from the tribes of Africa"; a statement which I very much agree with. 

Being from the islands, I'm naturally inclined to floral & tropical prints and bright colours. A couple of my friends would even describe it as borderline excessive. Of course, this love of colours also goes with my personality, which is normally extremely cheerful and energetic, and I very much dread the black that I have to wear at internships. At Manish Arora,  the colour palette exploded and created an excitement within me that I hadn't felt in a long time. Some of the pieces emblazoned with large Swarovski paisleys, flaming comets, orbiting planets, embroidery of shooting stars, and golden sun rays placed beautifully on silk crepe. With the mixture of prints and bright colours it appears as though we are being re-introduced to the psychedelic trend of the 70s once more. My favourite aspect of this collection was the cute shoulder bags in the shapes of the planets. That little accessory could be potentially a great selling point for them.

Albeit not as original or innovative with the "Cosmic" aspect, [using comets, planets and stars is so cliché], I believe that with the advance in technology and increasing interests in fashion innovation, more could have been done to explore such a great theme and create a mind numbing collection. 

I hope you enjoy the images of collection my loves.

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