OH BOY!: Mariana Suruceanu

OH BOY!: Mariana Suruceanu

   Mariana Suruceanu is a 23 year old woman and a great friend of mine. After being friends for one year, I've learned that she is ambitious and focused, and comes equipped with a very chic wardrobe with a hell of a lot of coats. Personally, I'd say coats are her guilty pleasure. Previously a medical student, Mariana switched to major in Fashion Marketing at IFA Paris, and is working toward building her career in PR and Marketing. In the near future, she will launch her website; a blog titled "What Would Venus Do?", but in the mean time, her Instagram feed is a sight to behold, so take a click on the follow button to add another very fashionable woman to your feed. 


Here is Mariana's take on growing up as a girl: 

TCA: Give a brief description of yourself as a young girl, and the personality traits that you have taken with you up until now. Looking back at the younger you, what is a previous difficult experience that you are proud of the younger you handling well?

  As a young girl I was not the most outgoing little child, considering I would bolt out of any situation where any human (or more precisely male) interaction was required. I can now say that I am able to stand proudly in a room with several other living, breathing peers without impersonating a plant or having a panic attack.

TCA: What are you most proud of achieving "for a girl" that society at that time would not have expected / found acceptable? 

I unclogged 2 drains by myself (laughs).

TCA: Do you believe in today’s idea of a “feminist movement” or do you believe in encouraging girls to participate in and achieving anything and everything that they et their hearts on?

I do not believe in today's idea of an "aggressive feminist", who gets offended by anything that is related to a woman and tends to put down everything that is remotely related to the male sex. I do however believe that we, as women, should be able to do whatever the heck we want.


TCA: If there was anything you could say to your 10 year old self, what would it be?  

You're less shy in the future, be strong! Also get off your high horse!

TCA:What do you think the most important lesson that women of today should teach girls; the women of tomorrow?

Fight for what you believe in , you're the only one who can prove yourself to the world. Not feminists, not your parents, you.

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