OH BOY!: Mariana Suruceanu

Mariana Suruceanucomes equipped with a very chic wardrobe with a hell of a lot of coats. Personally, I'd say coats are her guilty pleasure. Previously a medical student, Mariana switched to major in Fashion Marketing at IFA Paris, and is working toward building her career in PR and Marketing.

OH BOY!: Esther Lussan

 I first met Esther earlier this year, in April when I approached her about collaborating for a magazine project. In the time that I have known her, her eye for beautiful things (architecture, doors, nature, and scenery to name a few), and her careful analysis and planning of anything she puts her mind to has been inspiring. 

OH BOY!: Kamille Bailey

One of the realest people to know; she's not afraid to say what she's thinking (I love that about her), Kamille is a resilient girl we can learn a lot from. She's been operating her make up business KamGlam for 6 months, where she imports high end make up products that you don't find readily available in Barbados.

OH BOY!: Ona Sinkeviciute

With her angel hair that is always a striking shade of blonde, captivating blue eyes, and a confident aura to boot, she is the effortlessly cool girl that makes you want to be cool as well.